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I have a specific prayer request that I could use a lot of help on.
Jess has been nursing Emma and Emma is a good eater, Jess has a great supply, the mechanics are going well, BUT,
Emma isn't gaining. In order to go home she needs to start gaining weight. At least 30 gms/day (that's one ounce).
Emma is doing everything else she is supposed to be doing. As you can see from the pix, she is bright eyed and alert.
Please pray specifically that she will start gaining weight so that she can go home to be with her mom.


Absolutely! Grow Emma prayers coming from me!

Prayers going up.

Grow, Emma, grow! (God, please help...)

Will do!

Will pray. Yay for all Emma has accomplished thus far--what a determined little girl!

My wife and I (btw, I'm a married Orthodox priest) have some experience with this. Our first son, now 18 months old, was born 2 months early, and our newest two, twin boy and girl, were a month early (tommorrow is their 1 month birthday). The lactation consultants at the hospital were very helpful. One of the techniques that they taught my wife involved breastfeeding with a special shield. The shield allowed for the baby to get milk directly from the breast by sucking, but it also allowed supplementation via a line from a syringe containing formula. The formula, per doctor's orders, could be at a higher calorie count (22, 25, 30) than breast milk (20). In such a senario, the benefits of breast feeding are maintained, but the higher calories help the baby put on weight. (Paradoxically, an active premie can have the harder time putting on weight due to the calories burned by their high level of activity.) You will be in my prayers; life as a NICU parent is emotionally and physically exhausting.

Please forgive me. I only recently saw this blog when linking to it from someone else's blogroll. Apparently I misunderstood your relationship to baby Emma. I somehow had the impression that you were the dad!! (Note to self: always research blog entry history before making comments.) At any rate, Jess and Emma will be in my prayers.

Praying. She is so beautiful. And blessed with wonderful family!

Oh, I will pray so hard that she gets good and chubby! That child is HUGELY CUTE! I can't stand it! Her eyes are so amazingly alert. She looks like a 5 month old!

As always...a prayer for Emma and Jess from me is there. She's come so far. All my best.

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