2 weeks old today

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Cell phone pix aren't the best but they are the fastest way I have to keep things up to date.
Emma's Auntie C saw a dress as Target and sent me the picture, I was able to find it here and today she is wearing it. It is a great because it snaps all the way down the back and so we can put it on her with all her tubes and monitors.
She is getting to use a pacifier for suck training and for soothing. She has a great suck and we are hoping that eventually she will get to nurse directly.
For some reason, the cell phone double exposed this one, but the expression is so cute that I saved it anyhow.
I finally have access to some of the very early pix that were taken on a real camera. I may post one or two after I look them over for suitability.

We have had some wonderful nurses here at the Children's Hospital. Today we brought them in a loaf of Amish Friendship Bread (I dragged my starter with me down here so that it wouldn't die in my absence).


What a little beauty! It's nice to see Jess smiling, too.

What a darling dress! Great color for Emma.

And, the bread is a lovely gesture!

She is so beautiful. My eyes mist up every time I see pictures of her. Glad to hear she is doing so well. We're still praying for baby Emma and for Jess too.

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