out of surgery

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and apparently doing well, according to the phone update I just got. Emma will be going back to the special care (step-down) unit, not back to intensive care. At least that is the plan for right now. Next big step will be oral feedings......


She is so beautiful!!!!!


Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter and granddaughter with us. I will indeed keep you all in my prayers. Keep us all on the listserve updated.

I'm so glad to read that she did well. What a sweetheart.

So glad to hear she is doing well. Congratulations to mama and grandma....

Alicia, Your grandbaby is a beauty! She and your daughter and your family will be in my prayers! May she and momma grow stronger each day. Hugs from Nancy in Cape Coral (listserv friend)

Well, hurray! That's what I get for reading in date order and not in blog order. I find she's better than I thought just one minute ago!

Praise the Lord! :)

Still praying -- and praising God!

She is beautiful. I pray that she has a quick recovery and full healing! (Mom and baby!)

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