MRI done

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I just heard that Emma's MRI has been done. We are still waiting for the official reading and the surgical plans. Emma was apparently very happy during the procedure because they had to d/c all her leads for a while and swaddle her very tightly. Jess has been able to hold her and snuggle her, but Emma is still not allowed to have anything by mouth. The freezer is getting full of colostrum and milk, just waiting.

Please also pray that Jess will continue to recover from her surgery. A cesarean is not exactly a walk in the park........

John is on his way there to spend a week helping out. I think that Jess will really appreciate having her Dad around. And I know that John will just melt at the sight of his grandbaby. If I can find it, I will try to post you a pic of John with a goofy smile on his face, holding one of our children as a baby.


Please do post it! I am glad to hear the good news. Prayers will continue, of course.

Continued prayers for baby Emma and for a smooth recovery for your daughter.

God bless that little girl, her mommy and all those who love her!!! Go, go, GO, Emma!!! Sending prayers!!

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