Fewer options for those who seek natural births

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Midwives becoming less popular as cesarean sections gain ground
I just went to an all day workshop on international research in normal birth. Like so many other pathologies of our time, the root cause of mechanized childbirth is deeply rooted in our anti-life culture.
I am enormously grateful that we have the technology to perform a cesarean and get a healthy baby and a live mother - 150 years ago that wasn't the case! I am grateful for the technologies that allow us to detect and correct problems as early as we now can. But I deplore the abuse of technology and the downright power plays that have taken some of the most wonderful gifts God gave women away from those same women.
This story is from San Francisco - but I hear stories like this from all over the USA. What can we do about this?


You know how I feel about this.
I'm glad the technology exists, as it will help me and Emma out... but I'm sad at how commonplace it has become, and how everyone thinks of it as an option that can use readily without thought to the fact it's major abdominal surgery.

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