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They were able to take out the breathing tube a few hours ago. She hasn't lost any weight and was finally able to get a bath and hair wash.

I have to get on the road in about an hour to make it home in time to go back on call. I am so thankful to my practice partner for being willing to cover for me on this emergency basis - Pam, you're the greatest.


Oh my gosh is she cute! That face, those cheeks! God bless her!

Oh, I know it must be hard to leave that little sweetheart behind - but knowing she is extubated and doing well must certainly help. What a sweet face she has!

She's gorgeous! It must have been so hard not to bury your face in her.

Emma is beautiful. She has been in every one's prayers. We have been excited to hear all the updates. See you when you get back to the office.

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