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One of the joys of moving into a new home is to discover what the prior inhabitants thought would be appropriate landscaping. We have discovered that our back yard has dozens of old rose bushes that bloom in profusion from June through at least October. There are several peach trees in the back, and they have lots of fruits growing. There is also a berry bramble and I am looking forward to discovering just what kinds of fruits will ripen later this summer.

John has been wonderful about helping to get some planting done, as well. We now have several fruit trees in our front yard. I found some potted rhubarb plants at the Farmer's Market and they are planted in the back yard, in a plot just by the back door. John heroically uprooted several shrubs so that I could plant vegetables there, and next to the rhubarb we have planted some tomatoes, eggplant, and brussels sprouts. In the front, we will be growing watermelon and cantaloupes amidst the roses. I also have nasturtiums everywhere and herbs in the outside planter boxes.

We just received our second delivery from out new CSA ,Potluck Produce. It is very small and personal, and the owner delivers direct to our doorstep! This week we have pea tendrils, garlic scapes, radishes, lettuces and spinach greens. Last week was freshly ground wheat flour, spinach, lettuces, and radishes. I am not a radish lover. However, I pickled one of the bunches and that is a very tasty solution.

I still have a few plants in their pots and need to figure out where to put them!

so - how are YOUR gardens growing?


Our first home, we discovered that when choosing plants, the former owner's criteria was that it be purple when it bloomed. We had some interesting, but always purple, plants at that house.

Ooooh yum! Good food from the CSA is always good. And, to the doorstep! Wheeee!

my little pot of catmint is blooming in profusion and even my little pot of chard seems happy on my back porch. i've had to learn how to cook turnips cause this is the second week in a row i've gotten them.

Our garden is on the move, as we are moving to Vallejo. Melanie has all sorts of grandiose plans for this and that, but I realize that by the time we get to any new stuff, summer will be over. Next summer, though...

The new place has lemon, mandarin and apple trees, though, so I am excited by that.

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