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Common chemicals are linked to breast cancer - Los Angeles Times
How about the most commonly ingested carcinogens (according to the WHO) - exogenous female hormones (as in common contraceptives).


My friend and I were talking about this aspect of the breast cancer equation today. We were discussing how the media drives both the reporting and the funding of research studies, resulting in a repression of relevant information. I think the breast cancer-oral contraceptive link is one of those topics.

Oh, but you can't say that out loud, Alicia. I've tried, and I've never had an editor yet who would let me do a story on the carcinogenic effect of the pill -- or the effect of so many women excreting those false hormones through urine into the ecosystem.

I'll keep trying though.

I met Dr Chris Kahlenhorn whose book, "The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link" is a scientific proof of the dangers of both abortion and breast cancer.

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