Should teens be taught fertility awareness?

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As if fertility awareness has no other purpose than avoiding pregnancy. How about as a health monitor, mood predictor, over all understanding of how your own body works. Why does everything only have to be about sex?

I think all responsible mothers (parents?) should share this information with their daughters (and sons). Awareness of these things can only help create sexual responsibility and prevent irresponsible behaviors. Teach your children welll....

I totally agree that it should be taught. And, yeah, why does everything have to be about sex? I wanted to know what was going on with my body when I was a teen - what was that discharge anyway? I got my answer in Seventeen magazine - supposedly my body was just cleaning itself. I finally learned the truth a few years later. I was blown away by what my body was telling me throughout each month. Why was that information kept from me and other young women? We learned everything else in biology class.

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