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John here popping in - After mass this afternoon we attended a baptism for the young son of a couple who are parishoners in the same parish. The woman was also a client at the practice where Alicia works. Alicia did not attend the birth but has seen her regularly. We had been invited to the reception afterwards at a local restaurant. Most of the people there were either the couple's immediate family or fellow parishoners. During dinner a woman at the table with us mentioned a problem of a radio station getting into her telephone. I had to say "Changes / repairs that I had made to the station caused the problem to crop up AND 'you left me a message and I'm sorry that I haven't called you back about it'". God-incidence! you bet. What are the chances that we would both be in the same parish and at the same table at the same post baptism reception!

Needless to say, the problem will be resolved.

15 minutes after the first posting of this story and comments, while reading the liturgy of the hours I read:

"Our hearts are filled with wonder as we contemplate your works, O Lord"

To which all I could say through my laughter was: AMEN!

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