would that it could happen here!

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I hope they're not going to regret this. I know that my first two births were uneventful; I would probably have been one of those encouraged to homebirth. But #3 and #4 had complications, and could potentially have had problems had we not been in a medical setting. Then my last would have died without an emergency c-section, and I probably would have, as well. With three of my five having had completely unforeseen complications, I can't say I'd feel safe giving birth at home.

Would that would happen indeed! Whohoooo.

My second pregnancy was also uncomplicated and exactly the sort that would have been given an OK for a home birth. We had several friends who encouraged us to try it. Instead we went to the hospital and the nice nurses and comfortable LDR rooms. At one point in my labor the nurse suggested that I breath oxygen during the next contraction and then push real hard the following contraction and my baby would be born. It happened just like that. What I did not find out until the next morning after the pediatrician had checked James carefully was that we had a cord prelapse and he almost died right at birth. I was monitered so the medical staff could take care of me with equipment that was right there hidden in cabinets by the bed. James is now a fabulous 7 year old with strawberry blonde hair, freckles and eyes as blue as my Dad's. We almost lost him. My two daughter were born at the same hospital and the nurses remembered us because they did not get many red haired babies.

I don't believe that the pain and strain on families when something goes wrong is worth the small cost savings. One or two bad births could cost more in medical bills then they would save.

Ha! Greetings from the UK!

In Jesus,
Maria in the UK

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