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I'm in Los Angeles now, after spending way too much time at Chicago's O'Hare airport.
Our flight was originally supposed to leave at 8 PM. We finally got off the ground at 1230 AM. Got into LAX and found that our luggage was not on our plane (I thought that TSA was supposed to make sure that luggage didn't fly unacompanied?) Stumbled in to the hotel and slept for a while.
I heard plenty of worse stories from other travelers. One gentleman told me that his flight from Detroit to Chicago was almost ready to land, 500 feet off the ground, when they were waved off and ended up landing in Milwaukee - and then after refueling were back to Chicago - just in time to wait and wait and wait for the LA flight.
I talked to another family who was standing in line for the gate agents. (The line went from gate B10 to gate B8 and past the entire ingress from security). They had just arrived back from China with their new baby daughter and just wanted to get home to Albany NY. They had been in the terminal since 1 PM (and this was at about 9 PM).
Still, I was reminded by yet another traveler that, despite the headaches and frustrations, how lucky we all were - that we could go to the airport, eat pizza or whatever, be warm, safe and dry. How fortunate that our frustrations were so really minor on the grand scale of life. This young woman had the right perspective. She was on her way back west to visit a High School friend, a friend who at the age of 28 was undergoing chemo for an aggressive cancer. Kind of put things in the right proportion, no?


hi aliacia...
sounds poor china family....
how luck we are..

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