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We have arrived in our new hometown and are staying at a hotel with internet. YEAH!!!! Motel 6 is great for traveling with 4 legged family members, and a good value as well. But no internet access. We close on the house tomorrow, and then we will start moving in. Our household goods are scheduled to be delivered Thursday.
I will soon try to find the time to blog more details, such as how a 10 pound runt of a cat shredded an airline rated soft carrier. Or how much fun it was to meet up with fellow blogger Pansy Moss and her family for Mass and breakfast. And of course, comments about Niagara Falls which I finally saw for the first time in my life, as well as hopefully a restaurant review about one we found more or less by accident. More later.


Welcome to the midwest. May everything continue to go smoothly (or relatively so.)

Did you cross the Blue Water Bridge, or the Ambassador? Because the second takes you through stinky Detroit, but the first has my beautiful tree-studded hometown at the base of it! I hope the crossing was pleasant either way. Welcome to the midwest!

Thanks be to God! YAY!

Let bygones be bygones. Isaac.

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