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We will be hitting the road tomorrow, headed west. The house in NH is still unsold, and no one has even been by to view it for over a week.
We are heading by way of Stockbridge MA (Divine Mercy Shrine) and Auriesville NY (North American Martyrs) and hope to connect with at least on blogger on the way. Will probably not be connected again to the internet until late next week. We close on our new home next Wed and start our new jobs the following Monday.

The cats are totally baffled. They have actually been retreating to their carriers voluntarily and napping in them. I hope that this means that they will not be quite as combative when we load them up tomorrow morning.

Our household goods just hit the road in the back of an ABF U-Pack truck. 22 linear feet packed tighter than sardines. Pray for good travels for them and for us.


May God protect you and give you his peace as you travel West. Are you coming as far as Michigan?

Will be praying and waiting to hear you've settled in...


Prayers for safe travel surround you. Godspeed.

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