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those of you who told me I'd
love the midwest - you were all right
let me know if you want an invite to my housewarming
i don't know when it will be
sometime after the boxes get unpacked


Please let us know. We'd love to come.

I'd love to come to your housewarming! But I think England is a little too far to travel from unfortunately :-(

Welcome to the midwest. Not a bad place to be... :)

Count me in! What can I bring =)

The Midwest is best!

FYI, Cyrstal of "Must Love Books" has deleted her blogs.

No, TSO, Texas is THE BEST. But the midwest is 2nd! ;-)

Oh, I'd love to come Alicia! In my dreams. Or if I win the lottery and can all of St. Blogs plane tickets. Wouldn't THAT be awesome?

Texas doesn't rhyme with "best", so Midwest must be best!

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