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things show up better on the main page if you change them from 'draft' to 'publish'.

Sorry about the missing posts on the Novena.

I'm home alone for a few days - this is orientation week for the youngest child at her west coast college. Her dad gets to take her to get those last minute dorm room 'essentials'. I'm here trying to make good use of my time by getting more and more stuff organized for the big move. And I'm also trying to deal with the guilt produced by my patients telling me that I can't possibly leave them now!

A few weeks ago, I did a new prenatal visit on a women in her early 40s who was delighted and surprised to be pregnant. She has a new grandchild who I assisted into the world nine months ago, and now I am not going to be there for this baby. And there is a mom for whom I have cared in 4 pregnancies who is more than halfway through her current pregnancy. It is tough. I am leaving my current practice on good terms, they really don't want me to leave, and now that I have less than two weeks left the reality is hitting me hard.

All I can say is that God is in control and I just have to hang on and keep pedalling.


I hope the transistion is as painless as possible for you and your patients. Many blessings!!

Oh, no! I'm reading the wrong direction...the house for sale means a move away from your practice...I better keep reading...


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