house pictures - or what we are leaving

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concord house 1.jpg

concord house dining room.jpg
concord house sofa.jpg

concord house stove counter.jpg
concord house garage.jpg


You had a beautiful home. I'm sure your new one will be just as beautiful. Still praying for y'all. :)

Fructus ventris... Latin for sugar in the stomache??

"Fructus ventris tuis Jesus"
Blessed is the "fruit of thy woumb, Jesus"

Some of us learned that in grade school.
Some of us studied Latin in High School.

yes, my age is showing...


I know we would be fast friends just based on the colors you have in your home. Delicious!

wow. i'm realizing how much i liked that place. *sigh* is life.

Alicia - Where is this again? New Hampshire, right? (New Jersey, New Mexico, New Oleans?)

Nate - Is a guy from Ohio permitted to say y'all? I'll ask the governor if we can make you an honorary Texan if you'd like. :-)

Mark, New Hampshire.

D, We will all miss it. Each place along the way leaves us with a special set of memories. Usually they are associated with the joys we experience. The same can be said of each person we meet. For those who do not leave us with joys, we pray. Mostly for them but for ourselves also. So that we will be led to pray for God's blessings on them and his grace to save them.

The conversion of this from a home to a house is affecting B the strongest. Take a little bit of time and talk with her. Almost adult is a rough period in life.

It was a nice house, very strange memories for me there. I'll miss it and I won't. On the plus side, this may be the house with the least injuries for me! Yay house!
Still think you should pain the living room something less URGHHH...

A pretty abode. But what also caught my eye was that deep blue skies. You get them out West & upper Midwest and you obviously get them up in the Northeast. We don't see them too much in the lower middle west like Ohio.

the house pictures are excellent



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