god willing and the crik stays put

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Pictures of the house we have under a purchase contract
pray that our house in NH sells soon!

Obviously, this isn't our furniture. And I don't have all the pix I wish that I had remembered to take!

Life right now is really hectic. Half our stuff is packed and in the garage - and my daughter keeps muttering about the stuff I've packed that she really wants to use right now. Like the Kitchen-Aid mixer, the bread machine, the pretty chips and dip set. I did not anticipate doing any kind of entertaining in the days leading up to the move, so I packed all that stuff early. Oh well. We still have plates and bowls and that will have to do.
1614 corona front.jpg

1614 corona dining room.jpg

1614 corona living room.jpg

1614 corona hall.jpg

1614 coron back.jpg
1614 corona front.jpg


Looks like a lovely home...And those gorgeous wood floors!! Good luck on the old home selling and this one closing.

Oh, that's gorgeous! I'm so happy for you!!! :-)

Gorgeous home! Prayers.

If you want your other house to sell go to your local Catholic bookstore and get a statue of St. Joseph. You dig a hole and plant him upside down and say a novena. I have known a few people who have done this and it works. Sometimes your local Catholic bookstore sells the kits.. at least ours does here.

God Bless and Good Luck!!!


Will pray for the house selling. Does it usually take long in your area??

Mamma T,

Lately it has. The market is "soft" right now. AKA Buyers market. True to form for us, we bought during a seller's market and are selling during a buyers market. This is also jokingly referred to as "Buy high, sell low". This is not actual fact - just a joking comment.

As A said, we are praying for the right buyer. One who will appreciate the fruit trees we re-planted 5 years ago and the garden.

The last few weeks have guaranteed that most of the "round to it" items have been completed.

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