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pregnancy related prayer request

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via Dawn Eden
Pregnancy complications at 20 weeks
via Julie D
Please pray that she carries to term!
St Gerard and St Gianna, pray for them!



I've been trying all day to post this - let us see if it works, finally!
O good Saint Joseph, help us to be like you,
gentle to those whose weakness leans on us;
help us to give to those who seek our aid,
succor that they may journey unafraid.
Give us your faith,
that we may see the right shining above the victories of might.
Give us your hope that we may stand secure,
untouched by doubting, steadfast to endure.
Give us your love that as the years increase
an understanding heart may bring us peace.
Give us your purity that the hour of death
finds us untouched by evil’s breath.
Give us your love of labor
that we shirk no lot in life that calls us for honest work.
Give us your love of poverty so that we live contented,
let wealth come or go.
Give us your courage that we may be strong;
give us your meekness to confess our sins.
Give us your patience that we may possess the kingdom
of our souls without distress.
Help us, dear Saint,
to live that when life ends
we pass with you to Jesus and His friends.

O Glorious Saint Joseph,
hear our prayers and obtain our petitions.


Saint Joseph, pray for us!



O blessed Joseph,
to whom it was given not only to see
and to hear that God whom many kings longed to see and saw not;
to hear and heard not;
but also to carry Him in your arms,
to embrace Him, to clothe Him,
and to guard and defend Him,
come to our assistance and intercede with Him
to look favorably on our present petition.

new owners for our house, soon, please, St. Joseph!


Saint Joseph, pray for us!



When I checked yesterday's mail, I found that our realtor has put our house in one of those books that list houses throughout the area - you know, the kind that they have at the supermarket and in the literature racks at motels. She is working hard to market our house for us. We're working hard to get ready to move!

O faithful and prudent Saint Joseph,
watch over our weakness
and our inexperience;
obtain for us that prudence which reminds us of our end,
which directs our paths and which protects us from every danger.
Pray for us, then, O great Saint,
and by your love for Jesus and Mary,
and by their love for you,
obtain for us the favor we ask in this novena...

Help our house to sell!


Saint Joseph, pray for us!


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O glorious Saint Joseph,
appointed by the Eternal Father
as the guardian and protector of the life of Jesus Christ,
the comfort and support of His Holy Mother,
and the instrument in His great design
for the redemption of mankind;
you who had the happiness of living with Jesus and Mary,
and of dying in their arms,
be moved with confidence we place in you,
and procure for us from the Almighty,
the particular favor which
we humbly ask through your intercession...

(State your request here...)


Saint Joseph, pray for us!



I went to the Catholic bookstore, and I put a statue of St Joseph on the mantelpiece. I know that there is the right person out there for this house, who can fill it with love and joy.
O holy St. Joseph,
what a lesson your life is for us,
ever so eager to appear
so anxious to display before the eyes of men
the graces that we owe entirely to the liberality of God.
In addition to the special favor for which we plead in this novena...

a buyer for the house

grant that we may attribute to God the glory of all things,
that we may love the humble and hidden life,
that we may not desire any other position
than the one given us by Providence
and that we may always be a docile instrument in the hands of God.


Saint Joseph, pray for us!


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Saint Joseph, pride of Heaven,
unfailing hope for our lives,
and support of those on earth,
graciously accept our prayer of praise.
You were appointed spouse of the chaste Virgin
by the Creator of the world.
He willed that you be called "father" of the Word
and serve as agent of our salvation.
May the triune God who bestowed upon you heavenly honors,
be praised forever.
And may He grant us through your merits
the joy of a blessed life
and a favorable answer to our petition.

a buyer for our house?


Saint Joseph, pray for us!

things show up better on the main page if you change them from 'draft' to 'publish'.

Sorry about the missing posts on the Novena.

I'm home alone for a few days - this is orientation week for the youngest child at her west coast college. Her dad gets to take her to get those last minute dorm room 'essentials'. I'm here trying to make good use of my time by getting more and more stuff organized for the big move. And I'm also trying to deal with the guilt produced by my patients telling me that I can't possibly leave them now!

A few weeks ago, I did a new prenatal visit on a women in her early 40s who was delighted and surprised to be pregnant. She has a new grandchild who I assisted into the world nine months ago, and now I am not going to be there for this baby. And there is a mom for whom I have cared in 4 pregnancies who is more than halfway through her current pregnancy. It is tough. I am leaving my current practice on good terms, they really don't want me to leave, and now that I have less than two weeks left the reality is hitting me hard.

All I can say is that God is in control and I just have to hang on and keep pedalling.



Blessed St. Joseph,
enkindle in our cold hearts a spark of your charity.
May God be always the first
and only object of our affections.
Keep our souls always in sanctifying grace and,
if we should be so unhappy as to lose it,
give us the strength to recover it immediately
by a sincere repentance.
Help us to such a love of our God
as will always keep us united to Him.


O glorious St. Joseph,
through the love you bear to Jesus Christ
and for the glory of His name,
hear our prayers
and obtain our petitions.

Fill this old house with the right family!

Thank you, St. Joseph



O blessed Saint Joseph,
tenderhearted father,
faithful guardian of Jesus,
chaste spouse of the Mother of God,
we pray and beseech you to offer to God the Father,
His divine son,
bathed in blood on the Cross for sinners,
and through the thrice holy name of Jesus
obtain for us of the eternal Father
the favor for which we implore your intercession...

Find new owners for our home, please.

Amid the splendors of eternity,
forget not the sorrows of those who pray,
those who weep;
stay the almighty arm which smites us,
that by your prayers and those of your most holy spouse,
the Heart of Jesus may be moved to pity and to pardon.


Saint Joseph, pray for us!

day one


Novena to St. Joseph
O glorious Saint Joseph,
faithful follower of Jesus Christ,
to you we raise our hearts and hands
to implore your powerful intercession
in obtaining from the benign heart of Jesus
all the helps and graces necessary
for our spiritual and temporal welfare,
particularly for the grace of a happy death
and the special favor we now request...

Help my houise find new owners

O guardian of the Word Incarnate,
we feel animated with confidence that your prayers
in our behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God.

O glorious St. Joseph,
through the love you bear to Jesus Christ
and for the glory of His name,
hear our prayers
and obtain our petitions.



O great St. Joseph,
with feelings of unlimited confidence,
we beg you to bless this novena that we begin in your honor.
"You are never invoked in vain" says the seraphic St. Theresa of Jesus.
Be you then to me
what you have been to that spouse of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and graciously hear me as you did her.


Saint Joseph, pray for us!

please st joseph

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so I wanted to buy a statue of San Jose, to put in the garden in a place of honor. but Heart of the Heights (the local Catholic bookstore) was closed.
However, I found a great online resource - novenas central! including ten to St. Joseph. So I've picked one, and will start tomorrow.
I'm going to put all of it in the extended entry, as a reminder and an easy place to keep it where I can get to it. My intention is not only that we sell this house, but that the new owners be blessed by living here!

hello again


my page looks really barren
while you are waiting for me to resurface, check out some of the other blogs out there
Bill Luse has some wonderful posts up.
so do many others
go read them
I'll be back eventually

poor saint joseph!

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I've had people suggest that we bury a statue of St. Joseph on our property as a way to help the house be sold. I am reluctant to do this, as it strikes me as being more superstitious than pious. I am not opposed to invoking the help of the saints as appropriate, but maybe praying a novena would be better than burying a statue. What do you think?
Last Friday, one of the women in our cursillo group asked us when we wanted to the house to sell by. We told her Friday (that's tomorrow). We thought that we might have a buyer, but they decided to make an offer on a different house. I want God to send us the right buyer, one who will appreciate the quirks of this place. One who will harvest the vegetables we will leave behind and not curse at them for not being lawn. But it really is out of our hands.
In the meanwhile, life continues. Youngest child gets on the airplane later today to take her off to college-land. After 32 years of parenting, I guess that we are officially empty-nesters - unless someone rebounds. It could happen. And of course, parents never stop praying for and worrying about their kidlets, even when said offspring are taller and faster than the parents!

god willing and the crik stays put

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Pictures of the house we have under a purchase contract
pray that our house in NH sells soon!

Obviously, this isn't our furniture. And I don't have all the pix I wish that I had remembered to take!

Life right now is really hectic. Half our stuff is packed and in the garage - and my daughter keeps muttering about the stuff I've packed that she really wants to use right now. Like the Kitchen-Aid mixer, the bread machine, the pretty chips and dip set. I did not anticipate doing any kind of entertaining in the days leading up to the move, so I packed all that stuff early. Oh well. We still have plates and bowls and that will have to do.
1614 corona front.jpg

a sometime gift

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Insomnia is under rated, maybe because in the long run lack of sleep can do so many nasty things to the human body and psyche. But every once in a while, the inability to sleep can be a gift of time that one would otherwise not have.

Many are the mornings when I awake earlier than I need, but instead of accepting the gift of time and doing something with it, I will instead lay in bed, afraid to go back to sleep lest I drift off and miss the alarm and hence be late for all my quotidian activities.

Tell me, do you ever have those times? When I had young children it was usually they who awoke my from my fitful sleep. But with teen and adult children, the restless sleep is usually at the other end of the night.

I have oft envied (yes, I know that envy is a sin) the talent for sleep that I have seen in so many men. Sit them in a rocking chair, or on the couch, or in a recliner, and they will nap peacefully, with an occasional snore escaping. Me, I can only sleep when horizontal (unless heavily drugged or horribly sleep deprived - say awake for greater than 48 hours). No doubt, that inability to sleep upright saved me from some serious trouble the 10 years I worked the 12 hour night shift. But on an airplane or waiting idle in various places, I have wished that sleep was not so elusive.

But here I am. Awake a few minutes before I really must be. This morning we are meeting with our realtor in our new town, in the mid Midwest, to make an offer on a house that God willing, may become our new home.

One of my soon to be colleagues said it well to me in a recent email. "Move is a 4-letter word".

By the way, if you haven't been over there recently, you really should read what Bill Luse has posted over the last week. I am so behind in keeping up with my friends lately that only today did I check out his blog, the first time in a week or so - and once again he has some wonderful content and commentary.

John and I have been talking about our itinerary for our eventual move. We are going to try to arrange it to meet at least a couple of bloggers along the way. Anyone near I-90 between NY and IL who would like to try to connect, drop me a comment or send me an email. We'll be on a tight schedule because we are hauling 3 cats with us, but still it would be nice to be able to put faces to names. We're thinking of trying to hit the Shrine of the North American Martyrs along the first step of the trip.

on the road again

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hi folks, on the road from our soon to be new city of residence. here on a house hunting trip.
St. Joseph, pray for us.

concord house 1.jpg

concord house dining room.jpg
concord house sofa.jpg

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