why I have been scarce lately

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I have been waiting to make some news public. I sincerely hope that we've told all the right folks (especially the kids) first. Ever since my niece announced her wedding, after the fact, on her MySpace, I've tried to tell folks stuff individually first. But with a large and geographically scattered family, I am sure there is some one that I have forgotten. If so, my apologies.

We are in the throes of getting ready to move about 1000 miles away from New England. We're going to give the Midwest a try. I'm scheduled to start a new job in mid-September if the state licensing board can do their paperwork on schedule. Meanwhile, we are packing and cleaning and giving away tons of stuff, so we can put the house here on the market and sell it quickly.

So I will be very scarce for a while.

If you need me for some reason, personal email with an eye grabbing subject line is probably your best bet. Blog comments are emailed to me as well.

Thanks for all the prayers of support.

I'm not planning to abandon the blog!


We need good midwives in Cincinnati, though my guess is you already have a place chosen in the midwest. :-) Anyway, hope your place sells quickly. The market in our area seems to be REALLY SLOW right now. I don't know if that's the case all over, but we're frustrated with the lack of interest in our home that's on the market. Do tell us where you're headed!

As a transplant from the midwest to New England, I wish you the best of luck. Depending on where you land, I should warn you, summers tend to be a little more unbearable than what we go through in New Hampshire. That little spell we had a few days ago was typical of much of summer in the midwest. It doesn't tend to be 'a dry heat' as the southwest often claims.
As my dad used to joke, "sure it's hot, but at least it's humid". ;-)

Wow, that's quite a move, hope it works out well for you.

Our prayes for your move!

Prayers as you move. I'd love to visit the Midwest someday - may it be a place of love, happiness and prosperity.

Best wishes for a quick sale and a smooth relocation.

Hoping it's my part of the midwest!!

Bummer, in the sense that that means NOT Texas!

Ah well, I wish you a smooth move, a fast sale, a great job, and good adventures!!!

Bless you, bless you!

(And I'm glad you're not giving up the blog!)

I lived in Northeastern Oklahoma, a transplant from Alabama, and loved it! The people were very friendly and helpful. I loved learning about the Osage Indians.
So cowgirl up!
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