Promising news, but I doubt it will change anything

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What about the paraphrased comment that the chairman of the obstetrics committee expects that they will revise their recommendation against VBA2+C for women with no prior VB?

I know study quality varies, but this one seems to be getting respect, and I don't see how the OB world can have based so much on that other study with a sample size of 134 that showed a really bad rupture rate (3.7%), and then ignore a study with a sample size of 975 with a comparable rupture rate (.9%) to that of mothers with only one prior c/s.

Even if ACOG doesn't change their recommendations, I think every addition to the body of evidence helps mothers with their decision making, and it's nice to have some more promising study results (and some favorable quotes from the obstetrics world.)

If you doubt that it will have a huge impact "on the ground" I can see that -- no hard evidence offhand but it always seemed like many fewer women would go for VBA2+C even before ACOG came down against it, and I doubted that as many doctors would even give lip service to support of VBA2+C as do VBA1C. I do think more positive evidence and certainly a changed ACOG position would help build confidence in pursuing VBA2C with someone like my OB who is still open to VBA2C attempts in spite of the current ACOG recommendation.

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