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last week, I had two suspicious skin lesions removed and biopsied. One, on my back, was verified to be a normal mole. The other, a pigmented lesion on my L big toe, was found to have mild to moderate dysplasia (abnormal cells). I am going back for a further removal and biopsy of this lesion in a few weeks - August 15 is the date that has been scheduled but it might be earlier if there are cancellations.


How stressful! My husband had one type of cancer on his nose, and my sister had the same as you. It's the waiting that kills you! Plus all your other stress. Prayers coming!

how come I have to find out about this online?
I spoke to y'all on Saturday...
You are, of course, in my thoughts.

Alicia: You and your family are in our prayers.

Praying, of course!

Prayers, hon. Good time to remind everyone that Mr Dermatologist is their Friend and they should visit him regularly. Speaking of which . . . about time for me to have more moles removed, too.


Yikes! You have my prayers, Alicia.

We're there for ya, sister! Keep us posted.

alicia, as a mom who is well versed in matters such as these (oldest son had early malignant melanoma removed, middle son had atypical cells found in a birthmark-turned-bad, johns-hopkins university doctors marveled, we went to U of Penn Pigmented Lesion group for follow-up), you are on the right course of treatment - having the surrounding area re-excised and further biopsied is very wise and, i am sure, will come back with "clean margins."

long-winded way of encouraging you and saying you are in my prayers.


Mom, I love you dearly, but I'm frustrated that with how often I call you guys, I still find out most things online.. if I ever get pregnant thats how you're going to find out, I'ma pull a Becca. You're always in my thoughts... *sigh*

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