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Five of my children, two of their significant others, and the mater and pater familiae.


Great family photo :-D

Well, they all look happy, which is a good sign. Are the redheads for real? I'm partial to them as I used to be one.

Great Picture Alicia!

Only my grandson has red hair. My children only have highlights...

Please keep everyone praying for us, and "Thank You" to everyone who has been!

I am sorry I can't update everyone, but my family and I have been threatened, so please just keep praying. We have to trust that God will use this for His Good and His Glory. Though I am not allowed to disclose details, please be aware that we are still here and fighting this horrible battle.

Alicia, what a wonderful picture! Which ones are significant others and which are kids?

Hey momma, why didnt you post the most awesome picture ever (avail on jessicas blog)? It shows us as we all really are, laughing our fool heads off at nonsense :)
None of us are naturally THAT redheaded, the one with ginger hair is real, and its my brothers SO. Shes rockin', just ask my brother :P Otherwise, we're all happy pasty neutral haired maniacs :)

You guys look great!

The SO's are adjacent to each other in the picture. They are also adjacent to their SO's The five, of our six, who were present are along the outside edge. Confused? I'm not. AT least not about this!

More people should have pictures done like this! I like the character and humor and happiness showing in everyone!

Very nice portrait! Thanks for sharing it!

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