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Where to begin? The author's condescending tone towards those who have chosen a drug-free childbirth is nauseating. Obviously, not all choices are equal, and if you don't choose what he believes, you are some sort of primitive, ill-educated masochist.

He writes: "Which is why choosing to feel pain during childbirth strikes me as odd."

I wonder if it also strikes him as odd when men decide to run marathons, or participate in the Tour de France, or olympic competition. Gosh- wouldn't want them to feel any "pain."

Yeah, I have no idea where to start with that one. Very dismissive. good grief. I'm so glad he is not my pediatrician. For months after my daughter was born, people commented on how alert she was and how she watched and noticed everything. every day I would hear this comment and I attribute it to our homebirth. As a society, we no longer see drugless babies and our alert, healthy babies brought into the world without drugs or needless medical interventions shock us.

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