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How would you feel if a total stranger gave your child his first haircut without your permission, without your knowledge, and without even taking pictures?

Another update from nancy
Date: Jun 2, 2006 5:38 PM
Well, you recall that ** was taken to the Dr. this week and given a "clean bill of health" , except that they "may want to consider putting him on steroids, and keep giving him the SVN's as needed", and the Dr. decided that he didn't need breastmilk, despite his multiple bouts with respiratory isses this past month since he was taken. (**** was hospitalized over Christmas with RSV).

I got him today (visitation only) and he had a really wet diaper to the point of his clothing being wet. I went to go change him, only to find this HUGE scarlet diaper rash- one of those "it looks like some fungal involvement" kinds with swollen (snip) still had poop in his crack from a previous attempt at a diaper change (exuse the language, but how else do I say it?). I had no ointment with me, but pointed it out to the worker supervising the visit. I tried to take a picture, but only was able to get a portion of it, considering the area it is in (don't want to be accused of child porn now too!). *** also had multiple bites all over again- though this time a little worse. I only had a digital camera today, so everything I tried to take a picture of did not show up as good as I'd like.

### had more bruises today. He is in a group home somewhere...Last week he had a huge bruise on his left arm, and a huge red mark from where he was "beat up by some kid" according to him. Today the entire right side of his face was bruised, he had a large scratch on his cheek, a BITE MARK on his back between his shoulder blades and some misc bruises on his legs. Got beat up again according to him. He was not fed today before visitation. He told me he has decided to look at this as a vacation and a bad one at that. At the end of "the vacation" he will be able to go home. &&&& argued with him about how this was no vacation, but then I quietly pointed out to &&&& that this is his way of dealing with it, so that there is an end, and a hope to go home when its over. I think &&&&might take up on this idea as well now.

^^^^has no more curls- they gave him a hair cut, though I must admit he does look cute. He too still is getting bug bites all over him.

(((( was not allowed to get up early today to get ready for visitation, then she was given only 2 minutes and told if she didn't get ready and go "right then" or lose visitation. (((( was not allowed to eat breakfast again either, for "not enough time".

)))) is still without schoolwork. )))) states he talked to the worker about this again. He is upset that he will have to either go to summer school or repeat 7th grade
++++ didn't say much, but was glad to see everyone. I think +++ is just trying to stay as inconspicuous as possible.

I've left messages with several lawyers...not that we have money, but hoping to get some advice or maybe free representation. I am not sure if we do get some money if it would be best to get an attorney for James, or for me. We have reason to believe that the detective lied about &%&% saying something that could be twisted into an accusation, but since they are ALLOWED to lie, I guess it doesn't really make a difference at this point.

Keep up the prayers. We really, really, really appreciate them!!!!!



As much as I want to know what's going on with the family, I almost *don't want to read the updates because I know what they hold.
Of course, with CPS, it's "all for the children," right? Yeah.
Continued prayers for a quick resolution and healing for the family.

Nancy, we keep praying for you guys. I don't know what else to say. :-(

Nancy... still have all of you in my prayers, candles are lit and hoping that the kids are home soon. You're an amazing mom and this will all work out.
Love and Hugs,
Sandi Blankenship

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