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another email from nancy:
(why do some docs think that cows milk is better for human babies than human milk?)

##### went with the foster mother for a check-up with the baby.

It seems the pediatrician has decided it is ok for him to drink regular whole milk and not important for breast milk. But he can only have 24 ounces a day, and if they still want to give him the breast milk, they should just do half and half.
The pediatrician decides it is "better" for him to have COWS MILK instead???? After he has been sick off and on the ENTIRE month of May because he is *NOT* breastfeeding??!!!

I emphatically told the ### that I would prefer that he get the breastmilk as long they have some (and they have plenty since they've been feeding him cow's milk anyway it seems). She repeated what the "Dcotor" said, and I repeated myself. As I said, I always breastfeed my kids 2-3 years on average, breast milk is much better for him than cows milk, ESPECIALLY when he has been sick.So I REALLY PREFER HE GET THE BREASTMILK.

ARGH. She tells me she will call the doctor and ASK!!!??!!


If you follow the "logic" of what the Physician says, then you are forced to wonder how humans survive & thrive without cows?

I will continue praying for Nancy. If I lived there, my husband would have to chain me down to prevent me from marching to CPS and forcibly taking my children back.

They sound like complete and utter idiots. And I'm still of the mindset there's ulterior motives at work here...

This whole ordeal is both sick and frightening. It has really made me think about how it would be if my family were going through something similar, given the alternative choices we have made (homebirth, limiting dr. visits to when the children are sick, homeschooling, etc.). It seems as though they are being persecuted for living outside what is considered the cultural norm. I continue to pray for all involved.

You know, I can see this happening. WOman brings the baby to the doctor, doctor sees baby is skinny (due to baby not having eaten well for the past month) and says, "I dunno--should we be giving him breastmilk?" and the doctor says, "No, at 14 months, cow's milk is fine, if it's whole milk," not realizing the mother was still breastfeeding the baby until CPS got involved for the child's "benefit."

Caseworker hears what the doctor says and says, baby shouldn't have breast milk.

I mean, they've already proven that even when they try to be competent there, they're three teats short of an udder. They can't even find one child. They can't figure out that babies who are beaten should be taken out of their foster homes (even though they'd take the child out of his biological home for being beaten) and they can't figure out the law nor how to file paperwork nor even how to punch seven numbers on their telephone dial. Getting them to understand the benefits of breastmilk would be like trying to teach trigonometry to a pig (with the difference being, the pig might eventually understand.)

Nancy, my prayers have been with you every day. I've been including a prayer to your childrens' guardian angels every day when I pray the St. Michael chaplet, and I wrote your family's name in our church's book of petitions. May God break Satan's hold over the Arizona CPS.

Be strong in God's love...

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