Repeat C-Sections Raise Risk of Maternal Morbidity

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The cynical and paranoid part of me wonders sometimes if the move towards universal cesareans is actually part of the population control movement.

The same thought's crossed my mind. Or insurance companies/HR departments forcibly limiting the number of children people can have for "cost" reasons.

Life has little value to many of those who are already living it.

One of the reasons I am hoping for a VBA2C is that I expect a third c/s would probably seem to leave me in decent shape medically, leaving me almost certain (barring unexpected infertility; I'm not yet 28) to have a fourth c/s, and on, with my womb more and more affected. Of course, I don't want to take undue risks with an already conceived third child on behalf of a fourth and beyond who may not exist -- but since the risks of an informed, cautious VBA2C, whatever ACOG says, do not appear to be undue in themselves, I am definitely considering the hope and likelihood of a larger family when it comes to how important trying for a safe VB is. It's common sense and statistically sound to expect labor after 2 c/s to have a bit more chance of going wrong than after 1 c/s, but pregnancy itself after multiple c/s seems to keep getting riskier too.

I've wondered the same. Have had 7 c-secs so far(mom had 9).

Ethel Kennedy had 11 C sections. It wouldn't be my choice (and wasn't; I had one C section and then 8 vaginal births) but I think if you are well nourished, your body can heal a lot. God bless!
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