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At Nancy's request, I have removed identifying information from previous posts to the best of my ability.
As Nancy has said to me several times, she has nothing to hide. However, she has been informed that any events involving juvenile court issues are considered confidential and that the posts by her daughter Naomi and others need to be edited or removed. I am honoring this request. However, as we all know, in the internet nothing is ever truly lost due to the automated caching functions.
I haven't given up trying to figure out how to help. But turning over the rocks and shining daylight doesn't seem to be helping much, if at all.
Keep praying, folks. Keep praying.


Still praying.... I still think the light of day may help, but I'm completely biased. ;-)

Please if possible keep us up to date on Nancy's situation, leaving out names. This is so upsetting. With my large family, and as poor as we were at times, I was always afraid of CPS taking my children away. Somehow I escaped that. I just can't imagine how Nancy is surviving this, getting by from day to day. And her poor kids! What an utter, utter, nightmare. And these petty little people telling themselves they are doing something appropriate, something to PROTECT kids.

Please, let us all pray for her, for this situation.
Susan Peterson

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