Rabun County,Georgia Probes Child Protective Services

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from The Clayton Tribune
Investigation Timeline

It gets a little confusing, but it looks like there was some pretty big malfeasance going on.

WRKO AM talk radio (Boston) recently had a call-in show where a father talked about the strategies that various public agencies had used to keep him away from his children. The show's phone lines were overloaded within minutes, to a degree that was apparantly unprecedented.

I guess that there is some ideology out there that assumes that dads are dangerous, simply by light of the fact that they are male. I know that there are exploitive men out there, that men can be predators of all kinds, but I also know that there are Godly and caring men - fathers and husbands - who are hurt and hurting from the attempt in our world to make them seem un-needed or even dangerous just because they have a Y chromosome.


I brought my daughter to the doctor with a diaper rash, and the doctor asked if there was any chance her father was abusing her.

Years later I brought my daughter to the doctor for wetting the bed, and the doctor asked if there was any chance her father was abusing her.

I'm afraid to ever bring my daughter back to the doctor again with another complaint involving that particular area of her body, for fear it's three strikes and you're out. :-(

and, yet, here in the south, I know of two men who were awarded primary custody of their sons in divorce.
so it's not a universal assumption that a Y-chromosome or man parts equals a bad guy.
on the other hands, male predators often go undetected for years due to the fear on the part of the "victim" ("abusee"?) to reveal the bad things.

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