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The youngest graduates from High School in a few days, the other kids start arriving tomorrow, and I will probably not spend nearly as much time on the computer. Real life trumps virtual. Pray that the weather is good Saturday because if the graduation is forced indoors we won't all have tickets.

I'm on vacation for nearly two weeks. My last call day was brutal but rewarding. I'm so glad that we are still doing VBACs - had a mom who had 2 normal births for large (9 lb, 10 lb) babies and then a cesarean for breech. She came in and labored beautifully and had her smallest baby yet - 8 lbs. And there were two other births in that 24 hour period - both straightforward with rapid and peaceful births. I had the chance to teach two different OB residents about what is called the "somersault maneuver" - it is a way to deal with a cord around the neck without having to cut it prematurely. Cord around the neck is very common (about one in three births) and is NOT the problem that the dramas make it out to be.
First vegetables from the CSA today. Yummy shrubbery. Lettuce, arugula, green garlic, spinach, and a 4 inch potted basil plant to go in the garden. I made tofu pad thai for dinner tonight - will have a houseful of vegetablarians soon.
After graduation and after the kids are gone again, John and I will be taking a long weekend. We will be in the area of Rockford IL - anyone in that general region who would like to touch base send me a private email.
see you whenever.


Cord around the neck sounds so scary though that if you suggest it may not always necessitate a c-section, unless you are a medical pro or someone who can cite studies off the top of your head (or both,) you'll probably be written off by a lot of people as an irresponsible fanatic (and perhaps "judgmental" too by some.)


Your baby graduates! Yee Haw, and pass me a hankie, all at the same time!

My dearest hubby is from Rockford, IL, born and raised.

And just what is CSA? Yours is not the only place I've read about it, but I still don't know what it is.

Congratulations on the graduate, on the vacation (enjoy) and yummy congrats on the CSA season.

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