A Call to Action: Saving Our Children

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Diane Sawyer reports on Foster Care
I won't be able to watch this tonight, but would appreciate any feedback from those of you who can watch it.
It looks as though it will take the approach that all kids who are in foster care are there because they don't have any alternatives other than being adopted out - and I don't know if there will be any honest examination of the biases of social workers regarding "christian fundamentalists" and other non-socially acceptable 'alternative lifestyles'.


I'm going to try to watch this tonight.

I saw it last night, the bias seemed to be that the children in foster care were there because they had no where elese to go. The report focused on two types of children a) abused-sexual or neglected and b) teenagers who had multiple placements usually over 5. They did mention a NYC program that keeps the foster children in thier own neihborhood and tries to unify families.

It was straightforward, focusing on the kids and the system.

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