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Name: John C. S.
Email Address: Sandrock01@yahoo.com

I am James' father. (Ref: James and Nancy
I just visited this site again today and found the posting by Alicia and the 3 other posts. I could not believe that any agency has the POWER to invade a person's home without a court order. This being Memorial Day weekend, it seems even more unbelievable.

My granddaughter has a site "www.rosesblue.com" and has an update on the children. It is not good news. ####, was again taken to a hospital, this time by FOSTER CARE, for an IV, etc. No notification was given to James or Nancy about the 2 days at the hospital. Nancy found out when she went to visit the children on Friday. Is () not ACCOUNTABLE to anyone but themselves? Where is JUSTICE, MERCY, COMMON Courtesy, Not to mention common sense....???
Back to the postings...Thanks for the reference to Brave New Family by G.K. Chesterton. I'm sure Alicia and others that visit this site have read his "Mere Christianity" book. If not, it is spiritually uplifting.
John C. S.
alicia here - actually,Mere Christianity is by C.S. Lewis - but Lewis and Chesterton hung out together.
And here is the latest email from Nancy:
Hi guys. Just "popping in". Trying not to go too nuts. haven't slept much since April 27th.

Not only have I contacted ALL the news stations, I've written and called detectives/supervisors, the county attorney (since it is a county sheriff's deputy that has told CPS explicity to take our children, and who seems to take great pleasure in the whole situation-laughing and smiling and saying very vulgar and obscene things); the Governor, the governors office, state legislators, our national legislators, our nationally famous Sheriff Joe. I've talked to and emailed people across the United States, tons of lawyers (who all "can't" represent us, want upwards of $15,000 to do it for EACH of my husband and myself if they could, won't go up against CPS, etc.)

EVERYONE, EVERYONE, EVERYONE has said the same thing, they have all the power, we have none. They *always* lie and break laws lying, they put words in peoples mouths, they slander people and perjure themselves in court. They break their own "rules" and "protocols". Everyone knows it and says "that's just the way it is" you have to play the game to get the children back"

Keep in mind that WE were not accused of molestation. We are accused of not protecting, "failure to protect". Of course, now as of May 19, the detective takes great pride and in telling my husband that he was able to get ((((( to cry and to "remember" that when she was 6 y/o, he "must have" "touched her" "inappropriately". So then the detective told CPS that he is accused of sexual molestation as well. Mind you, he has no evidence and they can't arrest my huband (or they already would have, by Az law) but that is all he had to tell them for them to have "new grounds" to keep the children from us.

"I" have nothing new against me - at least not yet. I am sure they will try and come up with something though. They have to because they've had my kids since May 3rd. ##### has been in the hospital once that we know of, in Urgent care Twice, and the Dr. as well. We got him back (per agreement and court order)but he was bruised and looked like he had been beaten. So we took him to the Dr., the Emergency Room and they wanted to do CT scans to r/o skull fractures and hematoma's etc. THEN they took #### back and put him in the same place, two days later, and that is where ***** is as well.

If we didn't have so many people praying for us, I'm sure we'd be more than nuts. As it is, there are more times than you can imagine that we struggle to keep from getting sucked in to despondancy. One of our children (whom we've been told is NOT our child because we don't have legal adoption papers, we only had a power of attorney) is lost in the system. They won't even let her biological father have her. There have been SO, SO many lies - and these are VERIFIABLE lies, we have been shocked to our core. Silly us. Thinking people should be truthful. Thinking that perhaps they really might "care" about children.


Alicia (others)
Again, I'd like to offer to our services at Spero News to get the news out about this case. If anybody wants to write it, I'll publish it. We may not be a big news agency, but we do have 20,000 daily readers, and our news is published by Google News and others, and it may get the attention of a MSM news group from there.

Alicia, I'm sorry but my workload doesnt allow me right now to do this, but the offer is there for anybody.

As an alternative, if somebody wants to get the facts together, and wants a writer, I can suggest they contact our Religion News editor, Martin Barillas at the following email ... mmbarillas (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Mention to Martin this comment (which I'm coding him in on). And I could do the final edit, and publish.


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