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Unless they delay it yet again, today is Nancy's hearing to try to get her children back. Prayer support is critical.



St. Michael, defender of frightened people, please pray for Nancy and her children...

Praying for Nancy and her family.

Praying as well.

I can't even imagine her feelings or those of her poor children. Praying...

She has my prayers.

Give her and her husband a Miraculous Medal. The history of it.. the conversions, healings and miracles attributed to it are amazing. She (and everyone can say the short prayer on it: "O Mary, Conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!"

I will be praying for them.

Praying hard that the Lord swiftly intervenes and brings these children back to their mother.

Thank you so much for all the prayers. Yesterday there was a small flurry of activity. We were presented with other information. This time new accusations, different stories from what we have been told previously. Two versions- one written in court documents and filed as fact, and now "forensic interviews" with two children, pointing fingers in different directions. Both sets have minute detail that children of this age- even MY children (who know anatomically correct terms but don't actually use them) use. The explicitness shocked both my husband and myself. Before I could realize what all this meant, they were offering to throw us straws. They'll give us the children back one at a time, beginning with the baby today (wed) if the forensic interviews are done and children making complaints about each other are not placed together.

They still will maintain legal custody but are willing to give us physical custody. The way it was presented, we had to say yes (how do you say no, you don't want your baby?!), but with grave concern that now our 3 y/o will be by himself at his placement (because he is now with the baby). They will try and do the 3 y/o interview tomorrow and get him back to us next. It took almost 2 weeks from the last interviews to get a report though, so...

All of this took place outside the court, before any hearing. We had 4 witnesses ready to testify to our character, plus a married daughter, and we had a few letters. Once we were in the courtroom, the judge was presented with "the deal" we had made and that was it.

After it all, we realized (still being in a dazed shock- it is hard to explain) that virtually everything on the printed forensic interview with two of the girls was NOT THE SAME was the information they presented as fact on the documents they filed with court. It was equally as bad and horrid, but it was different. Both exams were normal, stories had changed.

I had written out, and submitted to the court last Fri., a line by line affidavit/refutation of a lot of the court document information, to the tune of 15 pages total. So we think that the affidavit, presenting verifiable facts (ie like we are married and here is our marriage certificate to prove it!!), along with this new and different version of accusations (and new and different versions of what our son has "allegedly confessed") shows that we are telling the truth and keeping our story straight. They keep changing theirs.

Please keep continuing to pray for us and our children. Also pray for our son (in jail) whom we have to leave in God's hands for now. It is apparent to us that the *real* story has not come to light yet. He called and asked the other day if *we* knew how they could be charging him like this. (ie he really doesn't know all that has been said). He has a hearing today if they don't cancel it again, so he should finally get a lawyer. .

Nancy, thank you for the update. We've been praying for you in my household ever since Sunday. **hugs**

This is the kind of thing we HEAR about and never think can or will happen to us. I am so heartbroken for you all.

I am praying, still, and won't stop until I hear things are settled and all are home and safe.


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