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Nancy got ##### back Wednesday - with a black eye, multiple bruises, dehydrated, and with a swelling on the skull that was big enough that the doctor in the ED did a CT scan to rule out a skull fracture. However, ***** was still in that placement. Today, they literally ripped the baby off her breast and took him back into foster care - and he is going back to the household where he acquired those injuries.

Somebody, please tell me that this is a nightmare, that this isn't really happening.


We are praying. My heart weeps for Nancy and her family.

Dear God, please help Your children.

Praying to St. Monica, and hard.

May I sincerely suggest to your friend Nancy that NOW is the time to call a newspaper reporter -- preferably someone in a big daily. Right NOW is the time to blow the whistle. CPS gets very, very uncomfortable when a reporter starts asking questions. I am a reporter in Canada, and if Nancy lived here, I would start investigating this, and quick.

Children have died in foster care situations like this -- it happens fairly frequently. This is a true emergency.

I would also suggest a call to La Leche League -- they are very active when it comes to a child's right to be nursed, and may lend legal support in the form of a letter explaining why taking a nursing child from its mother breaks child abuse laws in many states.

Did she take dated photos of his injuries?

I also suggest she call the ER doctor and tell him/her what happened -- he or she may file an abuse complaint against the foster family.

Oh, Lord God, protect Nancy's children. Send a protecting angel to watch over her two youngest. Lord, have mercy. Amen.

Alicia, I have posted this to the NFP message board, where it should generate plenty of prayers. I have great faith in the prayers of the ladies there. I will also continue to pray for Nancy and family.

They are truly living a nightmare. I will continue to pray for all of them.

I am praying.

Can they not get a lawyer who will scream and threaten "lawsuit" loudly enough for this nightmare to end?!?!? Call the governeror, call their congressmen, raise a huge stink with the media or SOMEthing?!?!?

My heart is breaking for this family. I am praying.

Cin is exactly right: get a news reporter involved. Make sure it's one without kids of his own, though, as CPS has been known to go after the children of people who speak out against them. I saw the same thing happen in the Wenatcheee trials in 1994.

But an independent party like a reporter sniffing around is Nancy's best protection. Especially since they seem to be in a large metro area, where the local officials have less opportunity to bully whistleblowers.

This is a terrible nightmare. I feel your firend's pain deeply. Two Christmases ago my oldest son's girlfriend (the babysitter) brutally, sexually, assaulted my beautiful 3 year old niece. After this terrible event, we discovered the woman had a tremendous drug problem which she successfully kept hidden.

My middle son discovered the bloody diaper. If he had not noticed the diaper, my niece surely would have bled to death. However, he has not recovered from the trauma of the assault. You see, the child who was hurt was his goddaughter. He was home from college when the assault happened. Since then, he has dropped out of college and can’t seem to get his life together. He can’t forgive himself for not realizing what was happening when the woman was “giving the toddler a shower�.

After we got the call, my brother and I rushed to Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville to be with his daughter. While we were there, and his daughter was in emergency surgery, CPS came and informed him they were taking his daughter out of his care and placing her in foster care upon her removal from the hospital. At the same time, the local police showed up and took my 2 year old granddaughter to the hospital to check her for injuries. My husband had arrived at the scene, and he demanded that he be allowed to go with them to the local hospital because our granddaughter had just turned two, and didn’t understand what was going on. Also, there was no CPS worker with them, and they were strange men to her (and us). They would not allow him to go with her to the hospital. (Until recently she was terrified of doctors in white coats and police officers.) She was found to have no injuries; however, she was placed in foster care for her protection.

We all did everything CPS asked of us, because we wanted to cooperate, and we wanted justice for my niece. We did not want to tarnish the investigation in any way. We started off believing they were really trying to keep the girls safe. We were all traumatized, heartbroken and bewildered, but we were also working toward getting the girls back.

My granddaughter was placed in the same foster home as my niece. My niece was returned to her father 2 weeks later. My granddaughter was kept for 8 more weeks because the CPS investigators made my husband and I take parenting classes and go through the Foster Parent’s training classes before they would let us have her. (Hello, we were not guilty, or even under any shadow of suspicion.) They also told up to our faces that they were holding our granddaughter until they got a confession from her mother.

My niece lives with her father. Her mother “came out of the closet� and is now living with another woman. A month ago, my niece came home from a 2 week visit. When she saw her dad and a cousin, they asked if she had a good time. She said verbatim: “momma and mommy told me to say daddy hurt me, not the lady.� Not “hi�, not “I had a good time�, but “momma and mommy told me to say daddy hurt me, not the lady.� Then she then told no less than 4 other family members the same thing. Next thing you know, CPS shows up at his house, and makes him leave home because they got a call a week before that the girl was being abused. He leaves home, but arranges counseling for his daughter to try to get to the bottom of everything. It was found that her two mothers had a plan to get custody, and were coaching her. They believed that because he was male, and a single parent, it would be automatically believed that he molested her. He is enraged, not only because he was accused, but because his daughter had really come a long way in dealing with the trauma of what had happened to her earlier, then her 2 mothers decide they want custody, and begin mentally abusing the child. CPS has not even spoken to the mothers, nor do they plan to. My brother was allowed to come home last week, but was warned he could not in any way be alone with his daughter.

My husband and I were finally granted custody of our granddaughter. My granddaughter’s mother is now in prison. Even though our whole family was torn to shreds, the Lord and the Blessed Mother held us through it. The truth was finally known. However, CPS investigators have harassed, and continue to let us know in passive aggressive (and not so passive, in my brother’s case) that they have the power to take the girls once again. They feel they are almighty, and all powerful. And they are, at least in this small area of Tennessee.

Would it help for us to call our local newspapers or T.V. stations and get this some national attention so she can get her babies safely out of that foster home????

What the hell is wrong with CPS?

My heart breaks for them all and I want to do something so her baby can be safely back into her arms. If my daughter, who co-sleeps and is still nursing, was removed from me, she would be catatonic.

Hugs to Nancy and her family.

Alicia, Tell your friends to use the press as above. Please email me if they need contacts to a lawyer. My JD has been languishing for a long, long time, but I can still connect when I need to. Because I have a degree from a national school, with some work I can find a lawyer just about anywhere. Stunned and shocked as they are, they MUST move quickly, for the children's sake and for their own sanity.

Yes, call a reporter now. Get someone passionate about children. Don't wait -- this is why reporters walk the earth.

Still praying.

I am praying. What a nightmare and outrageous injustice.

+Lord, have mercy.

If you or somebody wants to write this up, we certainly will publish it at Spero News.


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