CPS, vaccination, G.K. Chesterton and the institution of the family

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Nancy's eldest daughter has posted a comment in the combox below with the latest update.
I'm worried a lot about Neil (the breastfed baby). I have seen pictures that were taken before CPS took him as well as pictures from when they got him back for that short time - with bruises and a black eye.
I really think that part of the dynamics here is a social convention that basically says that having more than 2 or 3 kids is in and of itself child abuse. Most states have laws that regulate foster homes by their physical plant more than any other criterion. For example, you have to have x square feet of bedroom space per child, no more than 2 children per bedroom, a bathroom for every x children etc. Most families with many children would not be able to meet these criteria. I grew up in a large family - as an Air Force brat until I was 14. There were many assignments where our housing was such that we had 3 or 4 kids in a bedroom - and sometimes 2 kids in a bed (at least for short periods).
And then let's talk about vaccinations. If you don't follow the state's guidelines for vaccination, you run the risk of being considered abusive or neglectful. I personally vaccinated my kids, but I know that there are many loving, thoughtful, and caring parents who do not choose to walk in lockstep with the advisory panels. Some are concerned about the fact that many vaccines have ingredients that, however remotely, derive from aborted fetal tissues (mostly collected in the 1960s). Others are concerned about the preservatives used. Still others are really worried about the long term health effects of directly challenging an infants immature immune system with so many different agents in such an unnatural way (through the muscles to the blood stream). They argue that our current epidemic in asthma, allergies, and auto-immune disorders are the long term effect of all these immunizations.
G.K. Chesterton had quite a lot to say about the 'nanny state' second guessing parental concern. You can read much of it in the compilation Brave New Family. Part Six is labeled "The Assassins of the Family". On page 221 of my edition, close to the end of part six, is the following quote:
One by one, the defences of our civilization are being broken down by a concentrated attack on the mind. Rome's barbarians were a menace on her borders; ours are also within the state. (Aug 30, 1930)
He earlier (page 219) had quoted a Church of England clergyman as saying:

If the State assumes the axiom that every child born has a claim upon the State for maintenance, then there must go along with that the claim on the part of the State to say whether a child should be born or not

And on page 266, in a bit about the King's Christmas address (Jan 3, 1935):
We that are Christians believe that the family has a divine sanction. But any reasonable pagan, if he will work it out, will discover that the family existed before the State and has prior rights; that the State exists only as a collection of families, and that its sole function is to safeguard the rights of each and all of them.
Chesterton was in Britain at a time when Nazis were winning hearts and minds on the continent. So he, not unreasonably, was sensitized to the abuses that the State could commit in the name of the greater good. He railed against the Nazi, the Communist, and the Capitalist with equal fervor, for all of them wanted to displace the family. All the -ists and -isms that have become a modern day idolatry are still alive and well and fighting against those who would prefer to defer to the natural law. It is to weep, and wail, and gnash the teeth, and ultimately to pray and to act.


I really think that part of the dynamics here is a social convention that basically says that having more than 2 or 3 kids is in and of itself child abuse.

I agree with you. I felt - reading your posts about Nancy - that CPS has an ulterior motive to this, namely that Nancy has 12 children.

I can't tell you how many people - women - on a message board I used to frequent ("used to" being the optimum phrase) were eager to slam the mother of 16 from Arkansas when her last child was born in October. Up to an including saying she should be "fixed" and the US needs to inact a one-child policy.

And what really gets me is CPS's seeming ignorance. They scratch their heads and wonder why the youngest is upset, but they can't seem to understand it's their actions that are causing the problems.

Someone else pointed out that other families - that do abuse their children - don't get such harsh treatment from CPS. I know that nothing ever came of the call we made regarding our neighbors, who went for a week and a half without electricity, and where the children are screamed at nightly and up until midnight or later on school nights and/or left home alone regularly.

I will keep praying for Nancy. And for every large family that functions in a world where children aren't valued like they should.

I think the behavior of CPS is appalling. However, I do have one quibble with the post...
what's so great about nature ? Isn't the measure of a society's civilization the degree to which nature can be ignored if it it causes problems- hence heating/air conditioning, cars, etc ?

This is absolutely nuts! Does CPS not see this child is in danger in the foster home he is currently in? Did they see the bruises? Are they just pissed because Nancy took him to the doctor and got photgraphic evidence that he was hurt? Turn the pictures in to the local paper and TV news. .... Call Glenn Beck. he will go nuts with this on his readio show.

Why did they give him back, then remove him again???? I know this is sensitive and private stuff, but it is just wrenching my heart!

How can they just come in and wipe out a parents rights like that????

Can she get the goveror to intervene??? This child is in immediate danger and I can't imagine Nancy's agony of worry.

I am James' father. (Ref: James and Nancy Sandrock)
I just visited this site again today and found the posting by Alicia and the 3 other posts. I could not believe that CPS or any agency has the POWER to invade a person's home without a court order. This being Memorial Day weekend, it seems even more unbelievable.
My granddaughter has a site "www.rosesblue.com" and has an update on the children. It is not good news. Neil, our 14month old grandchild, was again taken to a hospital, this time by FOSTER CARE, for an IV, etc. No notification was given to James or Nancy about the 2 days at the hospital. Nancy found out when she went to visit the children on Friday. Is CPS not ACCOUNTABLE to anyone but themselves? Where is JUSTICE, MERCY, COMMON Courtesy, Not to mention common sense....???
Back to the postings...Thanks for the reference to Brave New Family by G.K. Chesterton. I'm sure Alicia and others that visit this site have read his "Mere Christianity" book. If not, it is spiritually uplifting.
John C. Sandrock

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