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That's how we're emptying the water from the basement. Actually, I shouldn't say 'we', as John has been doing most of the work. He bought a pump but it isn't working at all. So he's been vacuuming up the water into the shop vac, dumping it into the buckets, carting the bucket up the stairs and away from the house, and dumping the water out. I carried only a few buckets worth before my knees started to really complain.
I finally pulled him away from it at 2230 - we still have to get up in the morning and I have to leave for work between 0630 and 0645. So it's off to the showers and to sleep. We still have lots of standing water to clear out, but John is willing to wait till tomorrow to work on it.
Have I mentioned how much I love my husband? Not only is he a great dad to our kids, but he also takes good care of me. And he is also handy with all kinds of chores. There's a lot to be said in favor of marrying a hands-on engineer.


Oh, major bummer! Not sure where the flooding is coming from, but if the washer is down there, he could dump it into there and then run a spin cycle to get rid of it. I've learned to do big tub overflows that way....sop it up with bath/beach towels and then run them on spin. Repeat until the floor is dry.

Sorry, Alicia.

Yikes! That's not good. Your DH is in my prayers.

New Hampshire was WET last weekend. I have a trashcan without a lid on it and between Fri evening and Monday AM it accumulated 18" of water! Even on higher ground (where we are!) the water table just rose right up. Beginning on Monday morning it was seeping through the cracks in the basement floor. This was the first time in 4.5 years in this house.

The problem was a hairball in the hose attached to the pump. Not that humorous!

Pumped most of it out today. There are now patches of concrete in view! Less than 2" of water does not sound like much. unless the basement is the same dimensions as the house. I'm not complaining (except about the hairball in the hose). It has forced some good upper body aerobic excercise on me. This is also known as "ache"

Compared with what so many others around us have suffered, it is so minor! Pray for those who suffered major damage and dislocation!

rock on, daddy!

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