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still at the house my brother has been building for my gram. it's habitable but the upstairs has lots of work and the finishing touches are incomplete. kind of reminds me of us human beings and a t-shirt i once saw "please be patient, god isn't finished with me yet".
have seen my dad - he's frail, bed-bound for the most part, with almost no muscle mass to be seen. there is a hospital bed in his living room and he holds court from there. he says that he is slowly improving. he's finshied his course of hyperbaric chamber treatments and his physical wounds are slowly healing. but he still has so much wrong in his body that it's a battle to keep his medications in balance with each other. he was having fainting spells so they reduced his blood pressure medication, but that could adversely affect his kidney function etc.
my gram is stable, spends most of the day sitting in her chair reading her horse race mysteries and occasionally pottering around the house. my brother goes from room to room finishing this and that using tools that make interesting noises.
saw my eldest son last night for dinner (sushi place). he's getting ready to move closer to where he will be going to school to finish his undergraduate program. and from there, eventually, grad school. a late bloomer, like his mom.
will be having dinner tonight with a childbirth educator friend. tomorrow brunch with a couple of my siblings-in-law, and later that night on a plane to head back to my dh, who I haven't seen for 10 days. boy do i miss him. and my own bed, too, for that matter.


I'm so sorry, Alicia. Prayers continue.

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