not a novena per se - divine mercy three

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Over a year ago my husband bought a CD with the sort of gospel version of the sung chaplet. We know now that the trip home from the Perpetual Adoration chapel is almost long enough to get through the whole chaplet in the car. When we took our road trip/vacation last year, I burned a few CDs to take with us so that I didn't need to worry about possibly losing them on the road - and one of them was the Divine Mercy chaplet. I think it ended up on the same disc as some John Michael Talbot and some Latin Catholic classics.....

I've lately gotten out of the habit of praying it in the car on my way to work. But I think that tomorrow, I will try to find it in the mad morning rush, and put my heart and soul in the right place to face my day in the office. I already know that my schedule is booked solid, with a few double bookings, because I will be gone from the office from 4/23 through 5/2.............

My trip will take me to Portland OR, with trips to Salem OR, Eugene OR, and Tacoma WA. I will also spend a few days in the Los Angeles area. Anyone living in that area who might want to try to touch base with me, send me an email. I can't promise anything but that I will try. This trip isn't exactly a vacation, but neither is it exactly business.

And if you are praying the Divine Mercy chaplet, will you say a decade for me? thanks.


hey, mom...
jd didn't know you were coming through, and was pretty upset when I told him you were.
Also, Victoria has been spending time at your mom's house while working... so you might want to get in touch with them as well.
love ya, hope your trip goes well!

Yay for OR! I was back last month :) for the first time in a while.


The version that she mentions is the one that EWTN plays on the weekend. Like the other version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet it was recorded at the Shrine at Stockbridge MA. We can listen to the entire thing if we start it as we leave from Choir Practice - but that is 5 miles further.

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