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made it into pdx last night and down to eugene by about 2am local time. will have intemittent internet access and even less free time.
saw chronicles of narnia - the lion, witch and wardrobe on the plane. good movie. reminded me of LOTR.


mom - glad you are landed safe.
have fun on the trip!

Travel safely, I look forward to seeing you.

I've heard others say that about Narnia.

I watched Narnia for the first time last week, thought it was good, but not as good as the hype had me thinking it would be.

Hope all goes well for you on this trip.

God Bless.

I saw it on the airplane also. Sorry that we had to see it separately. I expect that the young woman in the window seat was wondering what the teary eyed middle aged man in the middle seat was all about. Worth picking up the DVD?

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