Easter Triduum

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Is it Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday? Or is it Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday? inquiring minds want to know.
Also, are parishes getting better or worse about following the Maundy Thursday rubrics? I wince every time I see women's feet being washed.
On the immigration issues that are getting big press. I am not happy with the current situation but I worry that the proposed laws are a worse solution than the problem. If one of the parts of the law passes as written, I run the risk of being convicted of a felony for simply doing my job. I have no way to know if some one who comes into the clinic for prenatal care or into the hospital to have a baby is legal or illegal. And if 'aiding' an illegal immigrant becomes a felony I could become a target.
Life is very busy and a little overwhelming lately.


Triduum = three Jewish days, i.e. sundown Thursday through sundown Sunday; or, in Catholic terms, from the Mass of the Lord's Supper through the end of Easter Sunday. So -- BOTH!

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