divine mercy not quite a novena # 4

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So I didn't manage to locate the CD for this morning's commute - which was really too bad as I got stuck for nearly 1/2 hour due to a rollover down the road.

We went once to the Divine Mercy Shrine a bit of a ways down the road in Stockbridge MA - nearly 2 years ago it was. I'm not normally much of a tourist but this was different. It reminded me just a little bit of all the cathedrals I visited the year I lived in France as a kid - Soissons, Rheims, Laon. Just that peace that comes from the presence of prayer and Sacrament.

I think that it would do me good to visit a few more shrines. Hanceville AL where Mother Angelica built a shrine to the Divine Infant was also a wonderful and prayerful experience. I've heard wonderful things about the shrine of the North American martyrs, and I would love to visit the shrine for St Gianna some day. It seems that the physical act of pilgrimage is a metaphor for the journey that we are all on, hopefully one that culminates in the arms of the Savior. Meanwhile, I guess that we each need to keep on keeping on.


I'm sorry you were unable to find the CD and about your rough commute.

The shrine sounds beautiful.

It is worthwhile visiting. D (our 4th child) & I stopped there on the way back from Memphis one time. We can force it to be a (long) day trip or just plan for it and then Stockbridge on the way back. Time to change that "Would love to" into a "Well, Lets do it!".

IMO it is time for a few Pilgrimages!

Maybe we will find another "Unborn children are people too" magnetic bumper sticker to be stolen off the car again.

Dire Straits "So far away" running through the mind tonight.

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