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The allergic reaction that hit me last Sunday took the form of severe swelling around one eye - to the point that the eyelid was swollen almost shut. It also itched like crazy inside my ear canal and I felt like fertilizer. Monday I broke down and went to the doctor who put me on steroids. I made it into work Tuesday and yesterday as well but I am still not quite myself.
I got a reply from NPR about the letter to the editor I sent a couple of weeks ago. Plan to blog it with some more comments when I have the energy. And I still haven't forgotten that I was going to talk about the 'chastity' talk that the confirmation kids got a few weeks ago.
Hope that your Lents have been fruitful. Mine has given me lots of opportunities for prayer that I would not have sought out for myself.


Yikes! I'm glad you are feeling better, and so thankful that your Lent is fruitful! May it continue to be so!

I do hope you return to normalcy posthaste, but I can't help but wonder what it feels like to feel like fertilizer. And I do want to hear about that chastity talk.

Allergy? Have you been exposed to any uber-liberals of late/ That could explain the reaction.

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