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I don't know what it is lately. First the dishwasher saga. Then, a few weeks ago, the icemaker in the fridge popped a hose and flooded the freezer, with drips down the back into the main part of the fridge. Once again, it was just as we were getting ready for bed that we discovered the mess - had to remove everything from the freezer, throw away that which was not salvagable, and move what we could salvage to the deep freeze - then clean and clean and clean.
Last night, I put a cup of tea in the microwave. Having given up sweetening my tea for Lent I at least wanted it to be hot. 20 seconds into the cycle, I heard a snap/crackle and looking over saw arcing around the edge of the appliance. Hit the off button, unplugged it, retrieved my still cold tea. That lovely smell of burning insulation........ John is of the opinion that the transformer blew and now the microwave (which is of the same vintage as the dishwasher - and was also purchased at Best Buy) is nothing more than a boat anchor.
Lord - can't you let me pick my own mortifications? Living without a microwave wasn't anywhere near my list!


I'm giggling at your last line. Microwaves seem to have a fairly short life, in my experience. Gah on both it and the freezer, though.

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