kitchen appliances and me

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we replaced the microwave.
then our new stainless steel dishwasher decided to act up.
it was emptied with 2 minutes left in the dry cycle.
it apparently decided that it wasn't going to turn off at the end of the 2 minute period.
the heating element was on for I don't know how long before John smelled something like burning plastic
he opened the dishwasher door to see that the fluid in the rinse agent dispensor was boiling and bubbling over.
he managed to get it to shut off without having to hit the breaker.
After the interior cooled enough to see, we could see that the plastic arm of the bottom water sprayer thingie had melted partially.
John will call the company tomorrow during business hours.
I'm washing dishes by hand until GE decides what to do with their product which is still under warranty.
and we will probably end up filing another report with the Consumer Product's Safety Commission.


Oh my, it's deja vu! I had to check the date, lol, to make sure I wasn't on an old post. Oy. This must be getting old. Note to self . . . reconsider getting a GE dishwasher. Gosh, sorry about the bad luck wtith appliances.

Mmmm, we just need to replace our entire house.

Have you had your house blessed recently? Maybe you should...


I find myself screaming at those new SEARS commercials on TV that say there is no such thing as household appliance 'rage.' I say there is plenty to rage about...

Sorry about your appliance woes. We have a leak in the pipes under the concrete slab and are looking at repiping to avoid jackhammering the slab. Must be time for testing our patience.

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