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look for more real content tomorrow.
I was at a continuing education conference today that was somewhat depressing. Basically, one of the things that is fuelling the increased cesarean rate and the idea of patient optional primary cesarean is the idea that women will only have one or two children.
Also, financial pressures in health care make scheduled cesareans more and more appealing to surgeons, administrators, and bean counters. One of the other midwives made a comment about how she was beginning to feel totally obsolete.
There have been other events happening too.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have some concentrated time to write a few things out. and maybe not.
I do respond to email if anyone has any pressing issues.


You lovely midwives won't become totally obsolete...there will always be a few of us crunchy Catholic families looking for your skills.

I don't see how even a scheuled c-section saves money, though. Unless they're that much cheaper than the *un*scheduled ones.

Let us know when you write your first sci-fi novel. I bet it'll be terrific.


A crunchy Orthodox nodding with Sandy! Tee hee.


It doesn't surprise me that the 1-2 children norm is helping to fuel this. The risks of repeat cesareans and the risks that previous cesareans bring to future births increase sharply with the number of cesareans.

But I see no indications that doctors take into account a family's estimate of the number of children they will have when making decisions about risk. They should.

A family who expects to have 4 or more kids needs to be extra, extra careful to avoid that first cesarean, because FOUR cesareans down the road they're at significantly increased risk of placenta previa, placental abruption, placenta accreta/percreta, and uterine rupture, not to mention the fact that each cesarean increases the likelihood of future cesareans.

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