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NEJM -- The Supreme Court and the Purposes of Medicine

I am not fond of the New England Journal. Too often (in my opinion) they let politically correct but scientifically suspect ideas prevail, both in the selection of articles and on the editorial page. I also happen to think that organized medicine takes to itself a deference that it is not willing to grant to other professions - including those with which medicine works in an uneasy alliance (nursing, physical therapy, midwifery, pharmacy, psychology, to name but a few). This editorial has some rather eye opening statements on that behalf.
Predictably, 'medical ethicist' Dr. Annas also has an editorial in this issue. His focuses on the 'assisted suicide' aspects of the the current court fights. He also argues in favor of self-regulation of the medical industry. It's an argument I would find more defensible were it applied by that industry to its competitors.

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