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We've had a fairly low-key celebration of 32 years of wedded life today. Met up at noon to go to daily Mass at St John the Evangelist parish, talked afterwards with the DRE about the last confirmation session (yes, I have more to say on that topic too - later, later). Then this evening we went to dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant followed by some time at the local adoration chapel before coming home.
While we were in adoration, a young couple came in with a toddler - I would guess maybe 18 months to 2 years old. The child came in the door and in typical age behaviour was not interested in being quiet. But the words from her mouth on walking through the door "Baby Jesus! Baby Jesus!" were so beautiful and precious that I just had to smile. The parents and child stayed for maybe 5 minutes, and mom was helping the child to sit or kneel. It was so wonderful to have a glimpse into the life of a couple who is earnestly trying to raise a child up in the way she should go.
As they walked out of the chapel, I reached into my pocket and gave her a hand knotted rosary. I felt that such good behaviour should be rewarded in some way and that is what I had with me. I'm glad that I always carry an extra rosary with me for just such occasions!


Sounds marvelous to me. Congrats and God's blessing on you.

Way to go, Alicia, and give my best to John.

Happy Anniversary and what a sweet story.

As you probably know, that was such a huge encouragment to the mom of the toddler. I absolutely loved it when a "veteran" mom gave me a thumbs up on my child's presence. Happy anniversary, and God grant you many years, in peace, health, and happiness!!

What I noted was that as they were kneeling in the front row of the chapel, she was looking right at the monstrance and saying "Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus. It took me a little longer than usual to finish my rosary. It helped to make the evening even more special.

I grinned at the dad as they were leaving but did not get a response from him. Probably too overwhelmed. Been there, done that, burnt the T-shirt.

Seen through the eyes of a child "Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus!" It has changed the way I will "see" when I visit for adoration.

Happy Anniversary - finally getting a few moments to visit the blogs mentioned last week. Enjoyed it!
God bless.
Joan B. (totb list)

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