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from my sister

Just got off the phone with Dad. He sounds much better than before the surgery, in spite of getting his dinner screwed up – they sent him a hamburger, potato and a cookie. It was in the process of being fixed when I got off the phone, but his blood sugar was very high (330) and they were fixing that too.
One good thing came out of the surgery, his kidney function actually went up. I guess it’s because he has less toxins in his blood to filter since so much infected tissue has been removed, but the Dr’s weren’t speculating. Dad said they seemed surprised which bothered him. He’s also out of isolation. He must be much better because his new roommate is a heart transplant patient. Dad said he’s a very interesting case. We couldn’t talk much about it because the man was there.
Dad expressed his pleasure at hearing from various family members although he couldn’t remember when anyone had called (the first thing that goes in the hospital is your sense of time).


Continued prayers.

Your dad has been in my prayers.

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