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latest email from my sister:

he is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday to remove 2 toes, the big toe on his right foot and the 3rd toe on his left. There is still a chance he could loose the right leg below the knee if they can’t get the infection on his heel under control. Right now he is in isolation because the infection in his heel is MRSA (methacillin resistant staphylococcus aureus). That means all visitors and staff entering his room must wear protective gear (gowns, gloves, shoe covers and masks). He said he expects to be in the hospital for another few weeks.

MRSA is nasty, and the prevalence is increasing. I've seen two cases of community acquired MRSA cellulitis in the last year - both in pregnant moms. One managed to clear it before her due date, the other is still in treatment/monitoring phase.
The fact that my dad is immune suppressed due to his kidney transplant isn't making things easier, either. Thanks for all the prayers. please keep praying!


Continued prayers for your Dad.

God bless.

what they said


You and your Dad are in our prayers.

I thought MRSA was a hospital infection. I didn't know you could get it in the community. This is a change from my hospital days (13 years ago). Prayers for your dad. I did wound care for diabetics and I know the struggle is a frustrating one. Blessings.

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