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I just got off the phone with my dad. He sounds very hoarse but is optimistic that tomorrow they will finally be able to do what he came to the hospital for.
He has ulcerated wounds in 2 toes on each of his two feet. Some of them are down to the bone. He wants to avoid possible amputation, even of a toe, if there is any real alternative. He's fought these before, starting years ago when he was in a cast for way too long with a fracture.
We'll see what happens.
Oh, and talking to him tonight I learned that he had a great-uncle who also had type one diabetes. I hadn't known that. My paternal first cousin's daughter also has type one diabetes. It's a nasty disease. I'm thankful that I've been spared.
Thanks for all the prayers. I think that they are helping. It certainly helps me to know that you guys are out there. I am also hoping and praying that with the healing of the body will come some changes of heart - always the harder part to heal. But it isn't in my hands - what I can do, I have already done.


You, your father, and your family are still in our prayers. Please keep us updated when you can.

I'm glad he is optimistic, sorry he's still having health issues.

Continued prayers.

Remembering you, your potential impending change and your dad in my thoughts.

I'm sorry to hear about the sufferings of your Dad. And yours as you suffer with him. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless you.

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